We are Verna Team — a group of professional Tier 1-3 Technical Engineers

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Are you looking for a reliable and highly proficient Managed IT Service Provider?

VERNA will help you manage your IT infrastructure. We have been 17 years so far in IT integration providing complete solutions from design, implementation to further on-going support. 

Our core technical expertise is around: Server&Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud Solutions, Database administration, IT security services, Software solutions. 

The services we do provide are:
• 24×7 Help Desk: 1st, 2nd, 3d lines of customer support, workplaces and IT infrastructure support.

• Architecture design of IT infrastructure and solution implementation.
• Infrastructure audit, improvement concept creation and further system optimization.
• On-site work in Europe: design and installation of structured cable systems, video surveillance systems, monitoring systems and data center notification.

VERNA has designed and implemented dozens of complex IT projects for companies of any size and business areas — Manufacture, IT& Telecommunications, Finance & Banking, Distribution & Retail. We have provided our clients with
top quality services during each step of our cooperation, which has resulted in continuous business relations and a number of successive agreements.

Our key competence areas are:

  • Server administration
  • Virtualization
  • Clouds
  • Networking
  • Database management
  • Software administration
Verna Technical Engineers are skilled in:
  • Providing full-cycle technical cooperation, from service design and planning to the complete solution implementation
  • Participating in 1-2nd Tier Technical support communication, incidents elevation and duties distribution, end user support
  • Providing qualified outsourcing of Tier 2-3 remote IT support for your services and customers
  • Cooperating with your Tier 1-3 engineers on solving complex IT tasks, designing and implementing new ambitious services
  • Offloading your engineers from a variety of everyday duties and helping to focus more on the key activities

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We are Verna Team — a group of professional Tier 3 Technical Engineers, having 17 years of experience in IT support, integration and business areas. Verna has designed and implemented dozens of complex IT projects for companies of any size and business areas - Manufacture, IT& Telecommunications, Finance & Banking, Distribution & Retail.

17 years of successful work in the IT services market
50+ highly skilled, in-house IT Engineers
70+ IT services and solutions for your business
70+ worldwide vendors partners


VERNA gathers a team of like-minded people that are striving for development and prosperity aiming to build decent results. It is a stable and caring company with its great history and traditions formed over a long period of time. VERNA would not be so successful company without each employee and their individual efforts that rolled up to achieve the overarching goal.

As an IT solutions and consulting company, VERNA hires the right people and dedicated staff to deliver the best IT products and services including:

       • IT Hardware, Software and Infrastructure
       • Networks and Telecommunications
       • Equipment and Original Consumables
       • Cloud-management and Virtualization
       • Support Services and Information Security
       • Server and Storage Solutions, and more

In addition, our professionals hold the highest standards of objectivity, competence and diligence while implementing and managing international, national and local projects for:

       • Financial, Industrial and Energy Enterprises
       • Government Agencies and Multinational Corporations
       • Online Media, Fashion, Publishing, Food Platforms
       • Insurance, Retail and Healthcare Sectors
       • E-commerce and IT Companies, etc.

Our staff is the most valuable resource in a business. Maintaining a high level of performance and keeping the staff happy and productive always benefit our company. That is why we create great working conditions and opportunities and keep our employees up to speed on advanced skills.

Our team