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Most of the modern companies have already enjoyed the benefits of different cloud solutions and vendors, receiving flexibility, performance and on-demand capabilities for their business needs. Cloud computing has rapidly evolved for the past 10 years, having changed the former view of IT architecting forever, turning it into a highly efficient, unified way. The modern cloud, be it private or public, relies ultimately on its main building blocks – server virtualization, unified networking and storage virtualization.

Server virtualization, being the oldest block and the most anticipated HW utilization form, has not changed much for the last 10 years – the same Level 1 (Bare-metal) Hypervisors are being actively used by different vendors to construct different cloud solutions (ESXi, Hyper-V, Citrix Xen)

Storage Virtualization, also having another name of SDS (Software Defined Storage) or Scale-out storage, has been the freshly-arrived technology, finalizing the long and painful process of Hardware Abstraction, following the major goal of infinite resource management flexibility.

The Storage Virtualization is using the same principles, as Server virtualization but making it even more efficient – creating a separate SW virtualized layer above any existing HW Storage systems, resulting in a creation of a Hyper-converged storage unit, accumulating all the storage resources inside, and managing them on-the-go for any arising demands.

Unified networking, or more commonly used SDN (Software Defined Networking) or Network Virtualization, has emerged a bit later, after server virtualization – providing unified network management tools and virtualizing Level 2 and 3 network devices (switches, routers) for the improved scalability, reliability and ease of management. Nowadays, none of the Datacenters/Clouds/Hypervisor hosts can exist without a high performance, power-efficient and almost free-of-charge unified network, providing up to 10 Gigabit virtualized, routed connections between thousands of VMs within enterprise-size infrastructures. These 3 technologies combined, allow creating scale-out infrastructures with almost infinite number of computing, network and space powers, sharing and shaping them instantly, being the basis of any Cloud. And all of them are also making Clouds different from their historical predecessor – Data Center.

The major difference lies in the ways of service provision – meanwhile Data Centers are usually providing HW server rent and collocation, featuring the pre-defined number of CPU/RAM/Storage/Network, Clouds are providing resources in a much a smarter way, creating customer-oriented Services and easily scalable VDS/VPS/VM configurations, increasing service density and resource assignment just when you need it – On-Demand.

Verna engineers will be happy to provide you with a full scale of Cloud-management services, including, but not limited to:

  • Auditing the current infrastructure and advising the suitable Cloud type (Private/Public/Hybrid), Cloud vendor/solution and Service list to transfer
  • Providing the smooth to/from the Cloud transfer, migrating everything either on-premises and building a Private Cloud or moving your infrastructure to the desired Public cloud and setting up everything there
  • Managing your existing Cloud instances, providing help with maintenance/expanding/shrinking/saving the costs for your business
  • Merging the Private and Public clouds into the Hybrid cloud, or vice-versa
  • Providing the HW/SW recommendations and server sizing for the Private cloud construction, building it for you from scratch
  • Helping with the Datacenter-to-Cloud smooth transfer, finding the better SW solutions for existing Cloud infrastructures

We are experienced both – with Public Cloud:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365
  • VMware vCloud
  • Amazon AWS
  • Rackspace

and Private Cloud solutions:

  • VMware vCenter
  • VMware vSphere
  • VMware Virtual SAN
  • VMware EVO:RAIL
  • Microsoft SCVMM
  • Openstack

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Our experienced Server and Storage engineers, obtaining multiple HP, Dell, IBM. Cisco. EMC certificates, confirmed by years of service.


Our experienced Network engineers, obtaining multiple Cisco. HP. Jumiper. Palo Alto certificates, confirmed by the years of service.


Our experienced Virtualization engineers, obtaining multiple VMware, Microsoft, Citrix certificates, confirmed by years of service.


Our experienced Software engineers, obtaining multiple Microsoft certificates, confirmed by years of service.


Most of the modern companies have already enjoyed the benefits of different cloud solutions and vendors, receiving flexibility.


We offer a comprehensive set of security services to fortress your IT infrastructure based on years of experience.


The first plan. Pay-as-you-go support features the per-activity support, thus being the least costing and the most suitable for SMBs.


Remote IT support Is a happy medium in terms of service and price — it allows you to outsource the whole areas of your IT duties.


Service Desk is a pinnacle of support plans, providing you with tools to manage and resolve problems within any Infrastructure size.